Nico & Vinz Session
Vinz with Engineer Dajaun Martineau

Toney "Wild T" Springer Session
Toney "Wild T" Springer with Engineer Matt Snell and Assistant Milan

Diemonds Beds Session
Diemonds with Producer Eric Ratz and engineer Dajaun Martineau

Victoria Duffield Tracking Session
Victoria Duffield with Engineer Jeff Pelletier

Young Empires Tracking Session
Young Empires with Producer Stephen Kozmeniuk, Engineer Jeff Pelletier and Assistant Mike Ho

High 75 Mix Session
High 75 with Producer Jesse Colburn and engineer Dajaun Martineau

Legacy Klever Remix vocal Session
Dajaun Martineau - Fefe Dobson - Yellawolf

Moist beds Session
Moist with Paul Northfield and Dajaun Martineau

Awaking State Mix Session
Dajaun Martineau - Kent Martell - Sylvia Massy - Jairo Lopez - Alan Cross

Sarah Smith Session
Sarah Smith - Kevin Doyle - Dajaun Martineau

Session for Friends of the Earth
Jeff Pelletier (top)
Mike Smith (left) - Eddie Kramer (right)

Ghostface Killah Session
Dajaun Martineau & Ghostface Killah

Bono Session
Frank Filipetti - Elliott Goldenthal - Bono - Julie Taymor
Michael Jack

Nelly Furtado Session
Greg Kolchinsky - Michael Jack - Mark Renner
Nelly Furtado

Thornley Session
(top) Jeff Pelletier (lower) Ian Thornley
& producer Nick Rasculinecz

Roger Hodgson Session
with engineer Denis Tougas

Alex J. Robinson Session
Brent Mason - Alex - Katrina - Producer Tim Thorney

Tori Amos session

Jully Black Session

Roger Hodgson Session
Marc Eijkelenboom - Howard Heckers - Engineer
Denis Tougas - Roger Hodgson - Barry Lubotta

Nikki Yanofsky Session
Nikki Yanofsky - Studio owner Barry Lubotta

Ludacris Session
Ludacris - engineer George Seara

Rihanna Session
Writer/Producer Makeba Riddick - Rihanna
- George Seara

Black Eyed Peas Session
Engineer: George Seara - Will-i-am

Michael Kaeshammer Session
w/ engineer George Seara

Dawn Langstroth Session
George Massenburg - George Seara - Brandon Navia

Akon Session
Engineer George Seara - Akon

Shirley Eikhard Session
with engineer George Seara

Sarah Cripps Session
Jay Dufour, Gary Craig, David Kalmusky,
Sarah Cripps, David Martin, Chad Walsh, John Dymond

Stars Session
Producer Joe Chiccarelli - Mark Renner
Chris Seligman - Evan Cranley

Carol Welsman Session

Anne Murray Session
Barry Lubotta & Producer Phil Ramone

Urban Preacher
with producer/engineer George Massenburg

Jully Black Session
Greg Kolchinsky - Jully Black - Producer Keith Harris

Donnie Wahlberg Session

Drew Barrymore - Grey Gardens Session
with engineer George Seara

Tovah Session
Jeff Pelletier - Producer David Bottrill - Tovah - Marcus

Herbie Hancock & Sting Session
Sting - John Pattituci - Herbie Hancock - Alan Mintz

Engelbert Humperdinck Session

Herbie Hancock & Sting Session
Sting - John Pattituci - Steve Jordan - Herbie Hancock

The Trews w/Producer Jack Douglas

Ricki Landers Friedlander & Producer Bob Gallo
Working on "Fame & Fortune." An Elvis Presley music bio film.

The Tragically Hip

Holly Cole Session
David Pitch - Aaron Davis - Holly Cole - Greg Cohen -
Kevin Breit, George Seara

Finger Eleven Session

Olivia Newton John - Barry Lubotta - Amy Sky

Michelle Wright Session
Rear - Greg Kolchinsky - Russ Zavitson -
Steve O'Connor - Michael Jack - Front - Michael
Francis - Michelle Wright - Rick Gratton - Scott

Sean Jones Session

RUSH w/Producer David Leonard
David Leonard - Neil Peart - Geddy Lee
Jeff Muir - Michael Jack - Alex Lifeson (seated)

Bruce Cockburn Session
Jonathan Goldsmith - Bruce - Jeff McMurich - Greg K.

Danko Jones
with Engineer Vic Florencia

Jake Langley Session
Engineer George Seara - Jake Langley - Peter

Anne Murray w/Producer Tommy West
Greg Kolchinsky - engineer Jeff Wolpert
Tommy West - Anne Murray (seated) - May 2004

Carlos del Junco Session
Barry Lubotta - Michael Jack - Joe Chiccarelli
Carlos del Junco

Esthero Session
Sean Lennon - Esthero - Marc (LEN)

Keith Richards in Studio A Live Floor

Engineer Vic Florencia - Adrian

Keith Richards in Studio A Control Room

Chris Robinson Session
Steve Payne - George Seara - Paul Stacey
Chris Robinson

Esthero Session
Mark Renner - Esthero - engineer Vic Florencia

Nicole Wray & engineer George Seara

Hari Haren Session

Amy Sky session
w/ producer Anthony Vanderburgh

Midi Mafia Session
with Deemi & engineer George Seara

Tupelo Honey Session
with producer Diezel & engineer Eric Ratz

BNL (Barenaked Ladies) w/Producer Jim Scott


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