Studio D

The D Room at Phase One is a flexible, fully functional self-contained audio environment in a limited and affordable space. Studio D performs well as an editing, mix, overdub and lock to picture post room. It answers the needs of those on a tight budget that don't wish to sacrifice sonic integrity or compromise comfort.

A Digidesign Control 24 console seated inside a custom Argosy console mates well with a ProTools system to offer professional sound quality. A wide variety of plug-ins is available. Computers and disc drives are located in an adjacent room so that the control room remains ultra quiet.

Wired or wireless high-speed internet connectivity is always available in Studio D, as is a studio standard Aeron engineer's chair and a two-seat leather sofa.

Any video source can be projected onto a large Plasma for video editing or mixing.

Studio D is the perfect choice for those who needs are a high quality room at lower prices than conventional larger rooms.


Digidesign Control 24

Tape Recorders & Converters:
Apogee PSX100 converter, Ampex ATR100 1/2" 2 track recorder, Dolby SR two channel (modified).

ProTools System.

Spendor SA-300, Genelec 1031's, Yamaha NS10, Mission 751, Kranis Custom main monitors.

AC Power conditioning:
Equi=tech .10 balanced power system.

Video Monitor:
LG 42" HDTV Plasma

Studio D - control room " 13'x 9' - Iso Booth " 6'x 6'




Avalon U5 Direct Box
Retrospec Juice Box Tube Direct Box
Anthony Demaria Stereo Direct Box
Groove Tube Direct Box
Line 6 Pod Pro
Demeter Stereo Tube Direct Box
Korg A3 guitar processor
Fender Precision Bass
1960's Fender Tweed Champ amplifier
Fender Blues Deluxe
various percussion instruments
MIT "Ripcord" guitar & bass cables
Various SubWoofer Cabinets for near field speakers
Electrospace spanner

Midi Rack & Keyboards
Roland JV1080
Roland Juno 106
Roland FP8 88 key piano
Roland R8M
Roland RA50
Roland Pad 5
Korg Wavestation
Korg M1
Yamaha TG77
Yamaha TX802
Alesis D4
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Kurzweil piano module
Kurzweil PC88mx.

Recording Formats:
24 track 2" analog Studer A800 MkIII
24 track 2" analog Studer A820
24 track 2" analog Studer A827
24 tracks of Tascam DA-88, DA-98 & DA-38
ProTools HD systems in all Studios
Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 track
Studer A-80 1/2" 2 track
Akai ADAM's
8 Tracks of Studer V-8 ADAT
SADiE Artemis Mastering Digital Audio Workstation



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